Policyholders can submit claims to their insurance carrier for final determination of coverage.  Please refer to your policy document for the insurance carriers telephone number or email address to send them your claim documents. Here is a site you can access for a phone directory of most insurance carriers:


Here are a few of them for your quick reference:

Hanover Insurance Co.     (800)628-0250

Hartford Insurance Co.     (877)805-9918

MARKEL Insurance Co.    (800) 446-6671

Fortress Insurance Co.     (800)522-6675

OMSNIC Insurance Co.     (800)522-6670

GUARD Insurance Co.      (888)639-2567

CHUBB Insurance Co.      (800)252-4670

Hanover: The carrier is asking insureds to report Workers Compensation, EPL and Businessowners claims following regular processes and protocols.  Hanover will engage the insured, as needed, as quickly as possible. You can reach Hanover claims department at 800-628-0250.

Hartford – https://www.thehartford.com/coronavirus

Markel – https://www.markelinsurance.com/covid-19-resources

Guard – https://www.guard.com/covid.html

TDC – https://www.thedoctors.com/about-the-doctors-company/newsroom/covid-19-updates-and-resources-for-healthcare-professionals/

Chubb – https://www.chubb.com/microsites/covid19-resource-center/index.aspx

OMSNIC – https://www.omsnic.com/covid19

Fortress – https://www.dds4dds.com/covid19

USLI –  https://mailchi.mp/usli/covid-19-updates