We offer Professional protection for your personal property from the daily hazards of life that include fire, wind, theft, auto accidents and more.


Home and Auto Insurance

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  • Personal Umbrella

Jewell Professional and Hagerty can help you cover your collectible automobile in every way. With the Hagerty Plus Roadside Assistance program, you’ll be protected in case of a breakdown. And Hagerty Plus includes Registered Membership in the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA), so all your hobby needs are covered, too. Hagerty ® is made up of people just like you — people who own collector vehicles, closely follow the market, know the history of the auto industry, have experienced the joys and challenges of restoration and attend every car event they can get to. Email us with your request for a quote!

Special Events Liability Policies

Wedding Insurance Policy, Conferences, Fund Raising Events, Educational Seminars, Hole n’ One Golf Tournaments (application click here).

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